Carved Santas Done The Old Fashioned Way

Note: Any orders placed after 12/18/2015 will not be shipped until 2/15/2016.

The 2015 Santas are in-stock and ready to ship! In addition, there are many carved ornaments that also make great gifts, click the ‘Carved Ornament’ tab to see them. As always, click the pictures of the Santas for a closeup and thanks for browsing my carved collection!

Frank Ebersold’s carved Santa designs are carved chip by chip using old style hand sharpened tools with carving methods that have not changed much over time. The process is time consuming but the results are rewarding. On the workbench below, you can see some freshly painted ornaments as well as a newly carved Santa patiently waiting for paint in the background. All of the finishing work on the carved Santas is done throughout the year in the carving studio by hand.

Carved Santa Witing For Paint

There are some interesting designs in the works from carved basswood Santa’s to cottonwood bark Santa’s. The cottonwood bark comes from Montana and is harvested from dead trees. I try to leave some of the bark showing and I carve around the natural wood, working in the wood pecker holes and other natural features of the wood!

Halloween carvings sometimes alternate with Christmas carvings-to make things interesting! An example is the Santa on the right standing on a pumpkin or the “Grinch” styled pumpkin head below.